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Five Remedies for Hoarseness

For most Americans, hoarseness is merely an inconvenience. It often starts as a scratchy throat that gradually transforms your voice into a raspy hoarseness – which is also called dysphonia. While it is often caused by colds, allergies, or reflux, chronic hoarseness can indicate a more serious health problem.

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The Five Most Common Speech Disorders in Adults

Communication is a gift we take for granted. It’s easy to forget how effortless it is for many of us to speak with confidence to friends, coworkers or even family members. There are few things more frustrating than trying to express yourself when the power of speech fails you. Stuttering and other common speech disorders make it difficult to impart even the simplest ideas, and as a result can lead to social isolation and depression.

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Top 10 Signs Your Child Has a Speech Disorder

All parents want to do everything in their power to ensure their sons and daughters have the best possible academic start in life. This involves researching the best schools, discovering the most reputable day cares, and providing toys that are educational as well as entertaining. 

But how many parents watch for the early signs of a speech disorder?

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How to Treat Stuttering in Children

It’s hard to believe, but the man with one of the most well-recognized voices on the planet used to stutter. 
James Earl Jones-- the actor whose strong, resonating vocals were featured in the Star Wars saga—stuttered so severely when he was a child that he barely spoke to anyone for eight years. 
Your son or daughter may not have a world-famous voice, but to you, those sweet, beautiful syllables are the most precious sounds on earth. It’s heartbreaking to watch your child struggle to read aloud or have a conversation. 

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Common Communication Disorders

Children are not the only ones who have communication disorders. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) estimates that as many as 6 to 8 million Americans have some form of language impairment. This includes stuttering, autism, and aphasia. Read on to find some of the most common conditions that contribute to language disorders.

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