Dr. Ramakrishnan recently attended Rhinoworld 2019, the international meeting of the American Rhinologic Society (ARS), International Rhinologic Society (IRS), and International Society on Inflammation and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN). At this conference, Dr. Ramakrishnan learned about the latest advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose and sinuses in order to benefit the good citizens of Wake County. Dr. Ramakrishnan created these blogs to provide the most recent research and useful information to those we serve.

What Is the Microbiome? 

If you have never heard this term, pay attention! This refers to the bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. that live on and in our body, including our sinuses. They are essential for a normal, healthy body. These “germs” are the good guys!

Here are some fun facts about our microbiome:

  • There are about ten trillion (10^13 ) cells that make up a human body.

  • On and in that human body, there are:

    • About a trillion (10^12)  bacterial cells

    • One hundred quintillion (10^20) viruses

    • About ten billion (10^10) fungal cells

If you add up the genetic material (DNA) from these little bugs, it amounts to about 100 times the genetic material (DNA) of the human body they live on/in!

This means your body is actually more germ than human!


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