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Nasal polyps can put a damper on you sense of smell. These grayish, grape-shaped growth in the nose is called a nasal polyp. Our ENT doctors can help you decide if they should be removed.

Nasal Valve Collapse: A Common Cause of Nasal Problems

There are multiple ways nasal valve collapse can develop, but its main symptoms are nasal obstruction, congestion and difficulty breathing through the nose. It can be treated with nose plastic surgery, but in many cases, non-surgical help is all that is needed.  You can learn more about our treatments for this condition at our Sinus Center.

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Can The Flu Permanently Damage Your Sense of Smell?

The flu can damage your sense of smell. Fortunately, this is usually not permanent, though it may take it a while to return. The medical term for a complete loss of smell is anosmia, while a partial loss of smell is called hyposmia. Continue reading to learn the causes of a lost sense of smell and solutions for regaining it.

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What Happens During a Nasal Endoscopy?

When you have sinus problems, you need solutions. Quickly. Every day you suffer through sinus issues means you’re losing ground at work, missing out on the activities you love and, well, feeling absolutely miserable.

The challenge facing sinus treatment is that there are hundreds of conditions that can cause nasal / sinus symptoms. Perhaps you have a nasal polyp or a deviated septum that is making it difficult for your sinuses to drain properly. Is immunotherapy or a balloon sinuplasty the best method of treatment?

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Can Smoking Affect Your Sense of Smell?

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass or the sweet scent of flowers at the Raulston Arboretum. Perhaps the fragrance of fresh cut grass reminds you of playing baseball. Have you ever been tempted by the aroma of fresh funnel cakes at the NC State Fair? If you smoke, you can say good-bye to these because smoking can damage your sense of smell. Learn more about how smoking affects your sense of smell and what you can do to fix it.

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Four Causes of Chronic Sinus Problems

Triangle residents are all too familiar with Raleigh’s beltline traffic. When everything runs smoothly, cars zip easily to their destinations. Now imagine that a lane is closed. Traffic slows, transforming your drive into a frustrating delay. Something similar happens with a chronic sinus infection. When your sinuses are irritated or swollen, nasal passageways swell, preventing drainage. This causes a “traffic jam” in your nose, which causes irritation or infection. See four common causes of sinus problems and how to resolve or manage them.

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Trouble Smelling the Roses? You May Have Nasal Polyps

If that gorgeous bouquet of red roses doesn’t smell as sweet as you remember—or if you can’t seem to smell them at all---the culprit may be a grayish, grape-shaped growth in your nose called a nasal polyp. Not only do these polyps dampen your sense of smell, but they also make it difficult to breathe. Even worse, because your sense of smell is closely connected to your sense of taste, not being able to enjoy the aroma of your grandma’s homemade chili means you’ll likely not be able to enjoy its flavor to the fullest.

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