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5 Signs of Throat Cancer

The signs of throat cancer mimic symptoms of other common conditions, such as allergies, colds, and sinus infections. In order to achieve an accurate diagnosis, you need the expertise of one of our experienced ENT physicians who can determine whether or not you need a biopsy.

When Is Throat Surgery Needed?

Throat surgery treats a wide variety of conditions, from life-threatening cancers to chronic sore throats and breathing difficulties. Because throat surgery may be an option for many types of diseases, we’ve compiled some of the most common reasons throat surgery may be needed.

What You Need To Know About Throat Cancer

Do you smoke or use tobacco products? Do you drink excessive amounts of alcohol? Do you drink alcohol AND smoke? These habits place you at risk for developing throat cancer. While throat cancer is not one of the most common cancers, it can still have a devastating effect on someone’s life, particularly if the cancer damages the larynx, or voice box. Read more about the symptoms you should be watching for!