Five Common Facial and Plastic Surgeries (and How to Prepare for Them) 

When you think of cosmetic surgery, the first thing that may come to mind is dramatic “before” and “after” pictures. While these procedures can remarkably transform your appearance, some also make an extraordinary difference in your health and well-being.


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2021 Allergy Update: All You Need to Know About Allergies

Do you know what the 2021 allergy season has in store?

You know you can face more sneezing, nasal congestion, and itchy, watery eyes. But do you know the best treatments for seasonal allergies?

We'll review some of the latest information about the 2021 allergy season, effective allergy treatments and what you can do through this challenging time of year.

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Convenient CT Services at Raleigh Capitol ENT

At Raleigh Capitol ENT, we strive to provide excellent, world-class care. We also know that our patients are busy and appreciate convenience. This is one reason why we’re pleased to be able to offer in-office CT (CAT) scans for evaluation of the sinuses.

We'll take a closer look at this technology, how CT scans are performed and how they help us diagnose and treat sinus problems. 

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What Is Nasal Valve Collapse and How Is It Treated?

Everyone has difficulty breathing now and then, especially if they frequently have colds or sinus infections. However, there is another factor that may be contributing to your nasal problems: nasal valve collapse. It's one of the most common forms of nasal obstruction. We'll explore what it is and how we can help you.

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Minimally Invasive Options for In-Office Sinus Surgery

At Raleigh Capitol ENT, we constantly strive to provide comprehensive services for our patients with sinonasal disorders and are pleased to offer several procedures that can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. These include balloon sinuplasty for chronic sinusitis, turbinate reduction for nasal congestion, and nasal polypectomy.

There are several advantages to having a procedure performed in our office instead of as an inpatient at a hospital or an outpatient treatment facility. We'll review some of these advantages, how procedures are performed and how we can help alleviate your ear, nose and throat problems.

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What Is the Best Treatment for Sleep Apnea?

Does your spouse snore? Have you ever been told that you stop breathing during the night?

If so, you might have the classic symptoms of sleep apnea. But this condition is much more than an inconvenience; it can cause several serious health problems. We'll take a look at what causes sleep apnea, what the symptoms are, and how our ENT physicians at Raleigh Capitol ENT can help.

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Why Antibiotics Aren't Always the Right Choice for Sinus Infections

No one likes the headache, cough and stuffiness associated with sinus problems, but reaching for antibiotics isn't the answer. 

Antibiotics are incredibly overprescribed in America and around the world, and it is causing a major health care crisis. 

The problem is so prevalent that the U.S. actually has established an Antibiotic Awareness Week every November to make patients and providers alike aware of the issue. 

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How to Overcome Fall and Winter Allergies and Stay Healthy

While spring and summer may grab the spotlight for allergies, make no mistake: Winter and fall allergies can make you miserable. That’s why we’ll take a look at common allergy myths, effective allergy treatments, and tips to help you stay healthy during the winter (and year round). Discover what causes allergies, dispel some allergy myths, and learn how to remain healthy not just through the fall and winter but year round.

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What Causes Nosebleeds? And How Can You Prevent Them?

Do you or your child have chronic nosebleeds? These are annoying, and can even be frightening, but fortunately, they are rarely serious. We explore the proper way to stop a nosebleed, what causes them, and even more importantly, how you can avoid them with the help of our ENT experts. 

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What Are Tonsil Stones and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

Tonsil stones are embarrassing because they can cause chronic bad breath. But how do you get rid of these annoying white pieces on your tonsils? We take a closer look at what they are, what causes them, and most importantly, how to get rid of them.

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