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How Does an ENT Doctor Help You?

Otolaryngologist. The word is a mouthful and not one you want to run into during a spelling bee: An otolaryngologist (pronounced: Oh-toe -lair-in -gol-o-gist) is more commonly called an ENT, or ear, nose and throat doctor. So, what’s an ENT and how can one help you? See our list of common services we offer to bring you innovative treatments with compassionate care.

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Sublingual Immunotherapy

As spring has arrived in the Triangle, we thought that sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) would be a timely topic for our second blog post. As opposed to allergy shots, SLIT consists of allergy drops placed under the tongue. SLIT has been popular in Europe for years and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. SLIT has an excellent safety profile so patients can do the treatment at home. The advantage for needle phobic patients is obvious. While SLIT is an attractive option for some patients, there are also some disadvantages. SLIT is not yet FDA approved in the United States and most insurance companies consider SLIT an alternative treatment for allergies and asthma. Patients are responsible for the cost of the serum. Optimal dosing in SLIT is an area of controversy. At Raleigh ENT, we follow dosing protocols advocated by the American Academy of Otolargngic Allergy. Finally, while many studies show that SLIT is an effective treatment, there is still some question whether SLIT is equall ...

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First Blog Post

Welcome to Raleigh ENT’s first blog post. We want to use this space to provide updates about our practice. Mostly I anticipate this will be in the form of clinical information. We are excited about the new additions to our website and want to be able to connect to our patients through a variety of ways. The first topic is balloon sinuplasty. This is a relatively new tool we have to deal with chronic sinus infections. Through the years there have been important advances in the surgical treatment of sinus infections. In the 1980’s endoscopic surgery provided an enhanced view of the sinus passages and improved the accuracy of the procedure. In the 1990’s image guided techniques provided an intraoperative road map of the sinuses. This gives us anatomical detail on the order of several millimeters during a procedure and helps us to safely dissect within the sinus passages. Balloon sinuplasty is another important advancement. The goal of sinus surgery is to improve the natural drainage pathways. ...

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