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Posterior Nasal Nerve Ablation (PNN)

Everyone has a runny nose now and again, and for many, treatment with over-the-counter or prescription medication is enough to resolve the issue. However, for others—particularly those with chronic, or vasomotor, rhinitis—a runny nose can become so severe that it interferes with everyday activities.
When this occurs, an in-office procedure called posterior nasal nerve ablation can provide long-lasting relief that gets to the heart of the issue instead of merely covering up symptoms.

What Is a Posterior Nasal Nerve Ablation (PNN)?

During posterior nasal nerve ablation (PNN), a cold treatment or radiofrequency energy is applied to an area at the back of your nose to “calm” the nerves that are located there. This prevents the nerves from continually sending the signals causing your nose to run. 

Posterior nasal nerve ablation is easily performed in our office using the FDA-approved ClariFix Cryotherapy or RhinAer. For those who have chronic, or vasomotor, rhinitis PNN can dramatically improve their quality of life.

PNN is a minimally invasive and safe treatment that concentrates on relieving the root cause of the issues—not just relieving symptoms, which is why it has a high success rate in numerous clinical studies. Improvements are often seen within weeks to a few months after the procedure with 4 out of 5 patients reporting extensive relief.

In addition, because PNN has minimal impact on nasal blood vessels and connective tissues, patients heal quickly with no visible scars and few side effects. PNN is typically done in an hour or less with most patients returning to their normal routine within a day.>

Who Is Eligible for a Posterior Nasal Nerve Ablation?

The best candidates for PNN are those who have had severe symptoms over several months and have been diagnosed with chronic or vasomotor rhinitis. PNN may also be beneficial for those who have trouble with a clear runny nose that is made worse when exercising or eating.

Does Insurance Cover Posterior Nasal Nerve Ablation?

There is a lot of variation among insurance policies about what is and what is not covered. Our surgery scheduling and billing departments will help you to determine and understand what will and will not be covered before any procedure is performed.

Raleigh Capitol ENT Provides The Latest Treatment for Runny Nose and Chronic Rhinitis

Posterior nasal nerve ablation (PNN) is an in-office procedure that provides relief from the inconvenience of a chronic runny nose. As the leading ENT doctors in Raleigh, our practice has been the provider of choice for Triangle area residents for decades. Our board-certified otolaryngologists have maintained our tradition of providing compassionate, individualized care coupled with state-of-the-art technology.

If you believe you are a candidate for PNN, contact us, and we’ll be glad to schedule an appointment.