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Financial Policy

Our office participates with most of the major insurance companies. Even though we may participate with an insurance company, patients still have certain responsibilities. Please contact our office if you have any questions concerning our financial policies.


  • Understanding the coverage and requirements of his or her insurance policy 
  • Obtaining a referral from the primary care physician if a referral is required before a patient can be seen by a specialist.
  • Paying any co-pay, unmet deductible, or co-insurance at the time of the visit.
  • Bringing a current insurance card to each visit. If a patient comes into the office without his or her insurance card, they will be responsible for full payment of that day’s charges.
  • Notifying our office of any change in insurance coverage. If the insurance company has changed or the patient has received a new card from the same insurance company, our office must be notified.
  • If surgical fees are involved, prior arrangements should be made with our billing department.

Our office also accepts certain responsibilities when participating with insurance companies:

  • We will file all charges with the insurance company.
  • We will provide the insurance company with all the medical information needed to process your claim accurately.
  • Once your primary insurance has paid, we will file any secondary insurance you may have if we are given the appropriate insurance information.
  • We do not accept Medicaid as a secondary insurance.
  • Read our Policy for Contracted Insurance Companies

There are some things for which we cannot accept responsibility:

  • If the patient fails to notify us of a change in insurance, we cannot be responsible for the non- payment of the claim by the insurance company.
  • We cannot be responsible for obtaining referrals from the primary care physician.
  • We cannot be a part of any dispute involving payment for services rendered to dependent children whose parents are divorced or legally separated. We will expect payment from the person bringing the child to the doctor.

We also participate in programs offered by the State of North Carolina, which cover specific needs for patients. These programs are:

  • Services for the Blind
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Disability Determination