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Laser Assisted LAUP

Remember it is very important not to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery. This includes coffee, juice and water.

On the morning of surgery, it is best to have only a light breakfast and only sips of liquid until after the surgery. It is okay to eat soft foods and liquids after the surgery.

  • Throat pain is normal and to be expected following LAUP. It is usually worse at about the third to seventh day, but may last up to 16 days. Pain is much worse on swallowing.
  • Jaw, neck and ear pain are normal and expected following LAUP.
  • Elevated temperature is not unusual after LAUP. It is unusual for this to be a sign of infection. Call us if the temperature is measured to be higher than 101.5. To help keep the temperature down, try to drink as much as possible.
  • You will be given the following prescriptions:
    • An antibiotic to prevent infection
    • Pain medication
    • Corticosteroids to help reduce swelling and inflammation
    • A suppository for nausea
  • Avoid aspirin, Ibuprofen and related products not only after surgery but also for two weeks prior to the surgery if possible. Tylenol and related products are acceptable.
  • Bleeding is rare following LAUP. If it should occur, stay calm!! In most cases, it is is oozing which will stop on its own. If you do notice any bleeding, please call the office immediately. If the doctor or nurse does not respond within 15 minutes, then call again. In severe cases, go to the nearest Emergency Room if the office is not open.
  • You may resume regular activities after surgery, but you will probably find that you need more rest than usual for about two weeks.
  • Eat a soft diet for the first 2-3 days. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid alcohol for 2-3 days.
  • Gargle gently with diluted salt water every six hours for one week (two teaspoons of salt to one cup of water).
  • You may brush your teeth and use diluted mouthwash as necessary, although it may burn.
  • Use Cepastat Lozenges as needed to relieve sore throat.
  • Before you leave the office, be sure you have a follow-up appointment and are scheduled for the next stage of LAUP. There is some flexibility as to the timing of subsequent stages, but most people are ready for the next stage by about six weeks.
  • If you are experiencing problems or have any questions, call our office at any time.
  • If you cannot keep your appointment, please call us as soon as possible so that other patients can be accommodated.