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Tongue Tie

Thank you for the opportunity to care for your baby.

When may I feed my baby?
Your baby may resume feeding on his or her regular schedule. You do not need to wait. You may breast or bottle feed.

Will there be bleeding?
Your baby may have slight bleeding (blood mixed with saliva) immediately after the procedure. This is typically very brief and stops before leaving the office.

How do I care for the area?
The area requires no special care. It will look raw at first. Within a day or so the area may have a whitish color; this is a “scab” and will clear away as the mouth heals. Please do not try to wipe or scrape this away.

Should we continue our baby’s exercises?
If the exercises were only for the tongue tie, you may stop and see how your baby’s feeding seems. If there are other feeding or swallowing issues, you should continue performing those exercises as instructed. Wait 2 hours before resuming any exercises.

Will my baby be in pain?
Most babies do not show signs of pain after the procedure. Some may be a little fussy. You may feed your baby or use a pacifier if that is his or her routine. If the baby seems unusually fussy, you may give Tylenol.

Do we need to come back?
We are happy to see your baby for any concerns. However, typically a follow-up visit for tongue-tie is not necessary. Keep your regular appointments with your pediatrician, family practitioner, lactation consultant, or swallowing specialist.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office and ask to speak with the nurse.