Our Top 10 Tips on How to Fix Nasal Dryness

Nasal dryness is not only annoying—at times it can be embarrassing. This dryness can cause nosebleeds, and it never fails that they seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. But that’s just the beginning. It can also be the cause of headaches, facial pressure, and irritated sinuses. 

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, then we’ve got 10 useful tips on how to fix nasal dryness that can make a big difference for you. 

Nasal dryness is very common, and often, allergies can be one of the main causes. We tend to think of allergies as causing the opposite: runny and stuffy noses. While this is true, nasal dryness can also be one of the troublesome symptoms as well. To completely address the problem, we need to get to the heart of what is causing your allergies, so we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our leading ENT doctors in Raleigh.

Our 10 Tips on How to Fix Your Nasal Dryness

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

You can’t keep your nasal passages moist if you’re dehydrated. Remember to drink plenty of water, and don’t be tempted by the tasty sports drinks—while many of them do provide good hydration, they can also have hidden sugars and other additives. 

2. Use a Humidifier

These are particularly helpful in winter months. Just be sure you maintain your humidifier properly. If you don’t, it could create a breeding ground for mold. 

3. Use a Saline Spray or Nasal Irrigation

These can help keep your passageways moist while, at the same time, clearing dust, allergens, and irritants out of your sinus passages. But you should be sure you use these irrigation systems properly. You can review all the details in our earlier article on “All You Need to Know About Nasal Irrigation Systems.

4. Avoid Exposure to Irritants

What do we mean by irritants? There are hundreds of things you come into contact with every day that can cause issues, so fixing a dry nose centers around avoiding some of the triggers. These irritants include:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Animal dander
  • Exposure to smoke or chemicals
  • Pollen

5. Be Prepared If You Are a Frequent Flier

Did you know that traveling and flying often can take its toll on your nasal passages? According to the Cleveland Clinic, because 50% of the air in the cabin is from outside, the air has very little moisture at high altitudes. It affects not only your nasal passages but your throat and skin. 

So always prepare with extra hydration if you have a trip planned.

6. Avoid Smoke

Do you live with a smoker? Or maybe there’s a relative who insists on bringing along a pack of cigarettes wherever they go. If at all possible, avoid smoking or secondhand smoke. These can dry out your nasal passages.

But it’s not only smokers to blame— smoke from other sources, such as a campfire, can cause equal nasal dryness.

7. Inhale Steam

Have you noticed that your nose often feels better after a hot shower? Inhaling steam can provide relief to your nasal passages. Even just sitting in the bathroom with the door closed and leaving the shower running can help.

8. Don’t Blow Your Nose Too Much

Blowing your nose too frequently expels moisture and increases your chance of starting a nosebleed.

9. Try a Nasal Gel

These can provide relief and are a great way to fix your nasal dryness. But you should be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Speak to our leading ENTs in Raleigh, and we can give you suggestions on what type of gel would work best for you. 

10. Talk to One of Our ENT Physicians in Raleigh

You need more than temporary measures. If you have chronic nasal dryness, you need year-round relief. We recognize that everyone is different, and that’s why we tailor a treatment plan just for you. We can recommend the best over-the-counter products or provide allergy testing if allergens are the underlying cause of your issues. 

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