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Can I try a bone anchored hearing aid sound processor before making up my mind?
You most certainly can! It can be connected to a test band, test rod, or softband, which allows you to try the sound processor, prior to any surgical procedure, in different environments such as at home, at work, etc.

Can I wear a bone anchored hearing aid all the time?
You can wear it for all normal activities, but you should take off the sound processor before going to sleep, taking showers, or doing water sports. You may need to wear special protection for contact sports.

When can I go back to work after surgery?
You should be able to go home the same day after surgery. Most people prefer to take an extra day off work before resuming their normal activities. However, in most cases you may return to work on the advice of your surgeon.

Do children with a bone anchored hearing aid need special care?
Children using a bone anchored hearing aid can be taught to clean the abutment just as they are taught to clean their teeth. You will know when they are ready to take responsibility for their own daily routine. In the US, children age 5 and older are cleared by the FDA for implantation, but younger children can use a bone anchored hearing aid with a soft band.

Is a bone anchored hearing aid compatible with mobile phones?
Yes, all bone anchored hearing aid sound processors can be used with GSM or other mobile phones. But you should never hold the phone against the sound processor itself, since this could cause feedback problems. A telecoil unit can be used with any bone anchored hearing aid to improve the sound quality of an ordinary phone that is fitted with a loop or a coil.

How many people have received a bone anchored hearing aid ?
Many thousands of people have been treated so far — some of whom have been wearing bone anchored hearing processors since they were introduced in 1977. Over the past 10 years, bone anchored hearing aid has become a treatment of choice for thousands of hearing impaired people worldwide, and the numbers of users are increasing every day.

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