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Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

When you purchase hearing aids from Raleigh Capitol ENT, you receive an extensive professional service package. This is just one part of our pledge to provide excellent care and service for our patients.

Professional Hearing Aid Service Package Includes:


If your hearing aid needs repair or servicing, please contact our office to schedule a time with the audiologist to have your hearing aid checked. When you make an appointment, we are able to provide better service and reduce the amount of time you spend in the clinic.

While most minor repairs can be performed in the office, some hearing aids will need to be sent back to the manufacturer. If the repair warranty on your hearing aid is expired, there will be a charge to have it repaired.

You may also drop off the hearing aid to be checked at your convenience. If you choose this option, you will need to complete a repair form. One of our audiologists will check the hearing aid and call you within 24 hours with the results.

If you are unable to bring your hearing aid to the clinic, package it very carefully in a box, along with a note explaining the problem, and mail to your Audiologist. Please include your contact information. We urge patients to consider this only as a last resort as we cannot be held responsible for any hearing aids lost or damaged in transit.


When a hearing aid is sent back to the manufacturer for a repair, a loaner hearing aid may be provided for you until your hearing aid returns at the discretion of your audiologist. Availability of loaner hearing aids is based on how many are in stock. If you would like a loaner hearing aid while yours is being repaired, please ask your audiologist.  Please be advised that loaner hearing aids are often those donated by patients and are therefore typically older or less advanced technology than your own hearing aids.


Raleigh Capitol ENT offers a variety of discounts and specials on hearing aid batteries and supplies throughout the year. Current seasonal specials are displayed at the audiology check-in desk at each office location, and in the audiology appointment areas. In addition, when you purchase four packages of batteries at Raleigh Capitol ENT, you will always receive the fifth package for free.

Schedule an appointment to check your hearing and get fitted for a hearing aid.