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Fitting and Dispensing

Hearing Aids

If the result of your hearing evaluation indicates that you could benefit from amplification, you may wish to try hearing aids. Our clinic provides complete hearing aid services and offers the latest in hearing aid technology. Our audiologists on staff are knowledgeable and able to assist you throughout the entire process of selecting, fitting and dispensing, and maintaining your hearing aids. In addition, our professional audiologists will perform your hearing aid fitting. Often, we are asked about the difference between an audiologist and a hearing aid dispenser.

While both hearing aid dispensers and audiologists can evaluate your hearing and fit hearing aids, their required training varies significantly.

Audiologists must have a doctoral or master’s degree, passes national and state exams, and have more than 1800 hours of clinical training before they graduate. Hearing Instrument Specialists generally have from six months to two years of supervised training and in some states must pass a licensing test.

All of our providers that specialize in hearing aids are audiologists.


On average, it takes two clinic visits after your initial hearing evaluation appointment to obtain a hearing aid. All hearing aids are obtained on a 30 day trial basis. While there may be some variations depending upon the needs of each individual patient, in general, the process involves the following:

  • On your first visit, often called the “hearing aid consultation”, your audiologist will take the time to discuss both your hearing loss and your lifestyle in order to make the most appropriate hearing aid recommendation(s).  If they are necessary,impressions of your ear may be taken in order to provide a custom-fitting hearing aid.
  • Approximately one to two weeks later, you will return to our clinic for your hearing aid fitting. During this visit, your hearing aids will be fine-tuned by the audiologist for your specific hearing loss and listening needs.  You will practice inserting and removing the hearing aids from your ears as well as changing the battery and adjusting the controls (if your hearing aid has manual controls). In addition, you will receive information regarding the maintenance and care of your hearing aids. Payment in full is expected upon receiving the hearing aids.
  • Approximately two weeks after you receive your hearing aids, we recommend that you return to the clinic for a follow-up. During this visit we will discuss how your hearing aids are working. We suggest that patients keep a journal of how the hearing aids are working in different environments. Based upon these reports, we can address any concerns and make adjustments if necessary.


The following items are included in the purchase of hearing aids from our clinic:

  • 30-day trial period
  • 1 – 2 post fitting check up appointments prior to the end of the trial period
  • 1-3 year manufacturer warranty (length depends on level of technology)
  • Initial supply of batteries
  • Audiologic follow up throughout warranty period

Hearing aid charges do not include the fees for the physician’s examination or the hearing examination. Our audiologists are not participating/credentialed providers with any insurance company. Claims for hearing aid benefits will not be filed by our office. No down payment is required at the time you order your hearing aids. However, payment of the hearing aids in full is expected at the time you come for your hearing aid fitting appointment.

Schedule an appointment to check your hearing and get fitted for hearing aids in Raleigh. 


You will be given the opportunity to use the hearing aids for 30 days after the fitting. If you find that you are unable to benefit from the use of the aids, or are not satisfied for any reason, the hearing aids may be returned.

If you return the aids:

  • The hearing aid must be returned within 30 days from the date of the fitting.
  • The hearing aid must be returned in good condition.

At Raleigh Capitol ENT, we strive to make sure patients never feel “stuck” with hearing aids they do not like.  If you are dissatisfied with your hearing aids, you can return them prior to the end of your 30-day trial period for a refund.  A small fee is retained by the practice if the hearing aids are returned to cover supplies and professional expenses.  This fee varies and will be disclosed to you in writing by your audiologist prior to any hearing aid purchase.


We recommend that you use Zinc Air Activated batteries for hearing aids prescribed by our Raleigh Capitol ENT audiologists. We recommend these batteries because they:

  • Have a long performance life
  • Feature constant voltage for fewer volume adjustments
  • Have less distortion
  • Instantly start-up, with no warm-up time required
  • Have an excellent shelf-life
  • Are environmentally safe
  • Order 4 packs and get the 5th pack FREE!

Order hearing aid batteries batteries through our clinic and can be sent directly to your home. If mailed directly to your home, we can bill you for the cost of batteries and shipping. When you purchase four packs of batteries, the fifth pack will be given to you free of charge.


We offer a full line of hearing aid care products and accessories for our patients. These products include:

  • Cleaning tools for hearing aids
  • Hearing aid dehumidifiers
  • Cleaning tools for ear molds
  • Ear mold blowers
  • Dessicant blocks for the Dry and Store brand of dehumidifier products
  • Hearing stethosets (to check hearing aid function daily)
  • We also carry some assistive listening devices (for example, personal amplifiers and TV amplifiers.)

For more information on any of these products, please ask one of our audiologists, they would be happy to help you.

Download our Hearing Aid Policy

We want to provide excellent services for our patients; for this reason, we ask our patients not to send their medical questions to us through our social media pages. Patients may send questions via our secure, encrypted server on our patient portal, or they may call our office for assistance.